Modern Lake Home Under Construction!

Maybe the most exciting time in my profession is seeing a design come into fruition. I’m amazed by the whole process: from first meetings with the Owners; through the development of the design, which can take time and patience for all parties; to cranking out construction documents; to handing the drawings over to the contractor to build; and finally, seeing it come together.

At the moment I have a number of houses under construction but this modern lake home in Dandridge is the one I’m most excited about. Not many clients want a modern house and in my heart of hearts, it’s the style I prefer. The Owners of this house wanted to take advantage of the lake view but the site was a bit tricky. So, we worked through a number of designs that took the site, the sun, and their needs into consideration. I am pleased with the outcome of the design and can’t wait for the house to finish construction.

This is another example of why I believe hiring an architect to design your home is worth it. We’re not perfect by any means, and we learn with each project, but the process is invaluable. You get a product that is particular to you, the site, and your needs. For more information on this project visit the project page here.