Modern Lake Home

Location: Dandridge, TN

Completion Date: Winter 2018

Size: 1800 sf

Photo Credits: Anthony Toribio

Rosser Design Studio was commissioned to design this modern house for a couple in Dandridge, TN on Douglass Lake. The linear east/west orientation of the site presented a challenge between trying to establish the best view but not gaining too much direct heat from the low western sun. Part of our solution was to add a covered screen porch on the deck which will help shade most of the western sun but maintain the view from the main living area.

Orienting the main living area to face the lake made it difficult to get enough ambient light into this space. We increased the height of the ceiling in this space and added clerestory windows which will allow southern light into the living space.

The design was an enjoyable interplay between the property shape, the view to the lake, and the needs of the Owner. Anyone considering to build a new house should always consider these elements before deciding on house plans.