Tranquility Trail Lake Home

Location: Dandridge, TN

Completion Date: Fall 2021

Size: 3,414 SF

Contractor: Larry Angelea

Rosser Design Studio was commissioned to design a custom home on Douglas Lake. If ever there was a site that required a custom design this was the one. Although the site offered 270 degrees of lake viewing it was also very steep, rising 20 ft above the end of the culdesac and 200 ft above the lake level. After an initial design and pricing it was determined that it would be more cost-effective to flatten the top of the mountain and build a slab on grade.

After the dramatic excavation we were able to revise the design to be a one story slab on grade. This is a good example of  juggling many different factors to create a custom design that both meets the Owner’s needs and responds to the site conditions and views.